Engineering Design Engineering DesignAble Components have built a successful company based on reliability and attention to detail. We work closely with our customers to help and advise when required to reduce costs by simplifying designs to suit lower cost manufacturing methods and improve functionality.

At Able Components our experienced technical staff can provide assistance with technical queries, including material selection, re-design of parts, cost efficiency and finish specifications.

Designing an industrial component requires making a lot of choices that will have consequences for its entire life span. For instance the design often determines the specific type of production method which is key to the cost price.

Research shows that in businesses where design leads and guides the new development process for products or services, the chances of design contributing to turnover growth more than trebled as a result.

Our designers have the experience, flair and engineering expertise to make a real contribution to your project.

New designs are engineered quickly and reliably by ensuring optimum communication through the development, tooling and production process.

Our CAD systems can import and export electronic design data supplied by the customer.

Design and development is carried out in a 3D CAD environment because it enables us to take your concept and transform it into a viable product eliminating many of the pitfalls encountered with traditional 2D CAD. Electronic image files can be transferred to the customer allowing us to communicate globally.

Once the concept has been approved it is possible to interrogate the 3D model or assembly for physical properties and check for interference and fit.

So if you’re looking for a simple, quick and effective engineering design service, please contact Able Components today on +44 01962 734422 or email